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Historic Centre

In the historical centre of Caorle, the narrow streets and squares tell the story of the town, with the typical colourful houses and illuminated shops that bring the centre, where the river once passed, to life. In fact, the name of Caorle's central street, 'Rio Terrà', is due precisely to the fact that the watercourse that passed through there was filled in to make room for buildings and businesses.

Caorle is a unique place in the Veneto region, a combination of culture, natural beauty and entertainment, attracting visitors in search of art and relaxation, offering them a special encounter between past and present.

Scogliera Viva

The distinctive feature of Caorle is undoubtedly the extraordinary 'ScoglieraViva', a collection of rocks sculpted and decorated with great precision by artists from all over the world. Every July, these masters come together to bring their extraordinary works to life, creating 'natural' art that stretches along the entire seafront. This fascinating cliff rises majestically above the crystal clear sea behind, creating a striking visual effect. The beauty of the landscape is further enhanced by the presence of the picturesque Church of the Madonna dell'Angelo, which has dominated this fascinating cultural landscape for centuries.


"The 'casoni', typical fishermen's dwellings in the Caorle lagoon, tell a fascinating story. These ancient constructions, still standing 15 centuries after Attila's invasion, became places of refuge for families during the last moments of the war, when fear of bombing drove many people to leave the town. After the end of the war, fishing activity shifted to the sea and young people found employment in other economic spheres.

Due to the reclamation works that reduced the surface area of the lagoon, it was gradually abandoned, and as a result, the casoni began to lose their relevance, dwindling to a limited number over time.


Lungomare Trieste, 56, 30021 Caorle VE

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