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Festa del pesce

The Festa del Pesce (Fish Fest) is a traditional summer event that pays homage to the history of fishermen and local tradition, and is a testimony to Caorle's seafaring culture. In the past, fishing was the mainstay of the local economy, and working at sea and in the lagoon required considerable effort and sacrifice.

Every year, this ancient culinary tradition comes alive on the beach of Madonna dell'Angelo, in a breathtaking setting, where local flavours blend with the summer atmosphere and the warm welcome of the people of Caorle. During this event, you can enjoy many delicacies of the sea such as sardines, scallops, scallops, cannolicchi, broetti and moscardini, accompanied by local wines and good music.


The feast of Our Lady of the Angel is an extraordinary celebration that takes place every five years, attracting thousands of people to Caorle. This event has ancient roots, but acquired its modern religious character in the 20th century, thanks to the intuition of the Patriarch of Venice Angelo Roncalli. This unique celebration involves the local community and visitors in a procession by sea and land, honouring the figure of the Madonna.

The burning of the Caorle bell tower, on the other hand, is an event that takes place every second weekend in July. This ancient religious rite has its roots in the history of the town and represents a moment of great spiritual significance. On this occasion, thousands of visitors attend the religious services and especially the characteristic procession that culminates with the burning of the bell tower, creating a fascinating firework display.

La Luna nel Pozzo

La Luna nel Pozzo (Moon in the Well) is an International Street Theatre Festival that has been held in Caorle for many years. This event was created on the initiative of the municipal administration and under the artistic and organisational direction of the Carichi Sospesi Association.

For one week of the year, the squares of the Borgo Storico become the stage for more than one hundred shows involving companies of artists from all over the world, who engage in a variety of artistic expressions, including juggling, clowning, mime, circus-theatre performances, theatre and contemporary dance.

Fireworks show

In Caorle, fireworks are a magical experience held on two special occasions during the summer. The first show, held in July, marks the festive arrival of the summer season, when the warm sun and sea breeze create a perfect setting for this spectacle. Spectators gather on the Lungomare di Ponente to admire this breathtaking event.

The second occasion is on the eve of Ferragosto, one of Italy's most celebrated holidays. This spectacle is an enchanting way to celebrate the heart of summer. The Madonnina beach fills with people, families and friends preparing to enjoy another fireworks display illuminated by the beautiful backdrop of Caorle.


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